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ERP in Zambia

Situated in Southern Africa, Zambia is a completely land-locked nation. It is surrounded by DRC, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana and Angola. Most of the population is concentrated around Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia and around the Copperbelt Province in the north-west. Zambia became independent in 1964 and has made rapid strides in development ever since. It is drained mainly by two river basins – the Congo basin and the Zambezi basin. Covering a very small portion of the north eastern part of the country, there is Lake Rukwa which facilitates the internal drainage system.

Economy of Zambia

ERP System in ZambiaThe economy of Zambia has traditionally been a copper mining economy with the exports from Copper covering 85% of the entire exports of the country. The government has recently started issuing licenses for the prospecting of other minerals like nickel, tin, copper and uranium. It is expected that nickel will become the most important mineral to be exported in the near future. Agriculture is the other critical component of Zambia’s economy which provides many more jobs than mining. Zambia’s major cash crop is maize and is considered as the staple food of the country. The government is moving on the path of economic reforms and it is aggressively pursuing a path of economic diversification to reduce the country’s dependence on copper. The major beneficiaries of this thrust are tourism, agriculture, gemstone mining and hydro-power.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in Zambia

Zambian enterprises can benefit tremendously from an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System deployment for enhancing their productivity. With this versatile and robust Business Management Software, the global competitive challenges can be met easily. An ERP is an excellent Enterprise Automation Tool which can be customized to a client’s specific requirements and ensures the full utilization of valuable resources. An ERP Suite can be securely implemented on-premises on a resident server or on-cloud, as per the customer’s requirement. It is a multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi-location and web-enabled software which can be seamlessly accessed even over low bandwidth internet connectivity from remote locations. An ERP Software is modular in nature and can be deployed module by module thereby ensuring that even cash-strapped enterprises can conveniently implement an ERP Software in phases.

Some Critical Benefits of ERP Software for Zambian Organizations:

  • Automate Operations: An ERP is a powerful and versatile Enterprise Automation tool using which an enterprise can automate all its major functions like Finance, Production, HR & Payroll, Inventory, etc.
  • Intelligent Order Fulfillment: An ERP Suite plays a crucial role in enhancing customer satisfaction because every customer order is fulfilled with high precision and quality and in a time-bound manner. Every customer order is constantly monitored right from the order receipt stage to the order delivery stage, thereby ensuring that the customer enjoys a completely professional and satisfying order fulfilment experience. This in turn leads to increased client retention and loyalty, which proves very beneficial for an enterprise in the long run.
  • Process Driven Quality Manufacturing: An ERP Solution ensures that the world’s best practices and processes are adopted in an enterprise which has decided to implement a mature ERP Solution like ebizframe. This ensures that the manufacturing processes of the enterprise are world-class and the products manufactured are of high quality and exacting standards.
  • Connected Operations = Total Management Control: An ERP Software seamlessly automates and integrates all the departments/functions in an enterprise. This ensures that the operations of the enterprises across all locations and offices are visible to the senior management in a snapshot on their dashboard at the click of a button. The management thus have total control on their business and can take well-informed decisions for the growth of their business, much faster.

ebizframe ERP in Zambia

ebizframe ERP, the leading ERP Solution across Africa is present in Zambia for many years now. ebizframe ERP is a next-generation ERP Suite which goes way beyond a vanilla ERP Solution with features like Workflow Management, Social Media Integration, Device Agnostic Access, etc. Another important aspect of ebizframe ERP is that unlike its competitors (who deploy under-skilled, third-party implementation partners), it is customized and implemented directly by its developer, Eastern Software Systems (ESS). This ensures rapid customization to suit the client’s needs and deployment so that the Return on Investment (RoI) clock starts ticking much faster. Moreover, ESS follows a simple and transparent licensing policy that ensures that the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of ebizframe ERP is much lower than any competing product, in the long run.