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ERP in Uganda

Uganda is a landlocked country situated in Eastern Africa which derives its name from the Buganda kingdom, which encompasses a large portion to the south of the country, including its capital city Kampala.  Uganda is bordered to the east by Kenya, South , to the north, to the west by DRC, to the southwest by Rwanda and to the south by Tanzania.

Owing to the large number of communities, culture within Uganda is diverse. English is the official language however many other languages are widely spoken throughout the nation.

ERP System in UgandaUganda has embarked on the journey of significant economic reforms in the recent past and has logged in a high single digit growth over the past decade in spite of regional instability and global downturn. Uganda is gifted with considerable natural resources like fertile lands, regular rainfall, large mineral deposits of copper and cobalt and untapped reserves of crude oil and natural gas. Uganda generates a sizeable income through exports of agricultural products like coffee, tea, etc. The Services Sector is the main component of Uganda’s economy followed by Agriculture. There are 7 telecommunication companies operating in the country with a combined user base of approximately 22 million in a population of over 34 million. The Bank of Uganda is the central bank of the country and is responsible for handling the monetary policy and printing of the nation’s currency.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) In Uganda

An economy like Uganda has gained tremendous benefits from the implementation of ERP Solutions in their private and public enterprises. ERP Systems have been recognised as one of the most important technology solutions that put an enterprise on a fast-growth track. It is globally acknowledged that enterprises whether established or start-ups have benefitted hugely post an ERP implementation. All economies, especially developing economies like Uganda need an ERP system in its enterprises to make them more efficient and take them towards global competitiveness. An ERP Software ensures that the management of an enterprise can take well-informed decisions and prompt actions for course-correction of existing business processes for further improvement and enhanced productivity.

Role of ebizframe ERP in Uganda’s Development

ebizframe ERP, one of the most dominant ERP Solutions in Uganda and East Africa, has contributed significantly towards enhancing business processes, reducing manual errors, cutting down time of routine activities and reporting in Ugandan enterprises. Organizations have become agile and process-oriented after they have implemented and started experiencing the benefits of ebizframe ERP.

ebizframe ERP has been serving customers in Africa for close to two decades and it is considered by many to be Africa’s favourite ERP Solution. ebizframe10, the latest version of ebizframe ERP has been developed using the most advanced technology platforms, is completely device agnostic and can be quickly configured and implemented in almost any industry vertical. ebizframe10 is extremely easy to use, features user-defined workflows and dashboards and takes user productivity to the next level.

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