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ebizframe for ERP for Trading Industry

ebizframe understands that as a progressive trading organization you aim to serve your customers efficiently, grow market share quickly and maximise your profit. To achieve these objectives you need to have a modern ERP System with cutting-edge features to track your go-to-market strategies in real-time.

ebizframe for Trading offers robust features that enable you with strategic decision-making power, to design efficient processes and to get empowered to rise above future challenges.

trading erp system south africaFast-track your Trading business across geographies. Whether it is strategic sourcing to accrue cost advantages, manage variable pricing across different geographies, greater visibility on shipping dates or simply collection concerns, ebizframe ERP for Trading is designed to cater to your needs and realize revenue growth.

ebizframe for Trading is a full-spectrum industry-standard and best-in-class ERP, to manoeuvre your trading business to the next level of excellence and to out-manoeuvre your competition.

ebizframe ERP System for Trading automates critical customer-centric processes and offers effective tools for Marketing and Sales Management, Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Inventory-Planning, et al.

Additionally, you will derive the following benefits post ebizframe implementation:

  • Real-time tracking of your go-to-market strategies and robust operations.
  • Expand your Trading business by easy tapping of multiple geographies.
  • Effective lead management and better conversion rates.
  • Integrated multiple sales. With ebizframe for Trading, you can configure and perform multiple types of sales with required workflows and approvals.
  • Manage global statutory norms with ease.
  • Secured Stock Management. Track stock on hand at multiple warehouses in real-time. Avoid wastage and improve profitability.
  • Track Sales and analyse Post-Sales Reports too.
  • Price intelligently, increase customer base and grow steadily.
  • Run your Sales Campaigns and Promotions effectively.
  • Keep a check on delivery times and bill collection cycles.
  • Keep a track of commissions, pay-outs and enforce systematic attendance.
  • Collaborate better with your suppliers to drop lead times and cost of materials.

trading erp softwareebizframe for Trading is designed to take care of your Trading Operations end-to-end and take your Trading Business on a high trajectory of revenue growth and ease of doing business. Whether it is packing and shipping goods on a small scale or processing & distributing multiple and global orders, our leading-edge, robust and highly configurable Business Management Solution is a perfect fit for businesses of all sizes.

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