Strategic Enablement

[:en]Support Business Growth

  • In Transaction volumes, processing capacity and capability
  • In products and services, new markets and offices or stores or plants
  • In easy deployment and training of new staff

Support Business Innovation

  • Enabling new market strategies to be deployed rapidly
  • Building new, efficient workflows and time or value based alerts
  • Fine tune rapidly by incorporating market feedback in products as well as pricing strategies

Enabling Global Expansion

  • Centralized world operation
  • Global resource management
  • Cost Effective worldwide deployment, further aided by cloud and mobility

Enabling E-commerce

  • Attract new customers, or go to new markets, or get closer to customers through web integration
  • Interactive customer service, ability to escalate client feedback rapidly for addressing complaints or including suggestions
  • Closely monitor supply chains and Demand aspects through exception reporting and better visibility

Organizational Harmony

  • Everyone has the same version of Truth. Transformation from doing to thinking and planning
  • No information blackout across departments, no individual data silos leading to greater employee involvement in business management
  • Increased accountability, more value added responsibility
  • Improved organization morale and satisfaction through better decision making, empowerment and improved business performance