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ebizframe10 ERP Sales Management

Sales acts as the fuel for every organization as it brings the necessary revenue an organization needs to generate profits and ultimately help the organization to grow, diversify and attain new heights. Therefore, the better the Sales Function runs, healthier is the organization. ebizframe10 Sales effortlessly takes care of all such needs of sales driven organizations whether it be direct sales, institutional sales, FMCG Sales, Retail or Services Sales. Built with the latest technologies, ebizframe10 Sales lets you manage your Sales function right from the planning stage to budgeting, boosting collections and also discharging post sales services.

erp sales systemebizframe10 comes with an efficient Budgeting functionality which provides a top-down as well as a bottoms-up approach to create budgets. The budgets can be built on the basis of product mix, regions, sales teams or any other combination which may suit the user. ebizframe10 provides its users the facility to define their organization and consolidations at multiple levels to ascertain complete ownership and access to all participants. These budgets can be tweaked to create multiple versions, tracked throughout the year and reassessed to suit evolving developments with the passage of time.

Pre-Sales Function of ebizframe10 ERP eases the enquiry management and follow-up process as never before. Enquiries received can be easily recorded and allocated to the appropriate sales person and monitoring of conversions is possible through mobile devices. ebizframe10 Sales offers fast and expedient options for creating quotations by sales team, tracking position of shipment to customers, credit availability for existing customers, etc. If need be, submitting quotations in multiple currencies along with editing and tracking previously submitted quotations is also possible. ebizframe10 Sales ensures that the right taxes and freight charges are included and also ensures easy translation of quotations to Sales Order.

ebizframe10 Sales provides a range of orders such as Direct Sales, Cash Sales, Exports, Rate Contract as well as Rush Orders. Sales personnel can track quotations to map commercials with the booked order ruling out any discrepancy. Sales Order templates minimize efforts in high sales volume environment. Integrated mailing feature helps improve communication with the customers along with peers and bosses who need to remain informed. All accepted Sales Orders whether they are internal or external can be routed to Production Planning or Procurement Planning functions of ebizframe10.

ebizframe10 is infused with a unique Pick, Pack & Ship functionality which allows users to quickly process orders from a single screen. Separate Pick List need not be generated for the same customer or shipping address. These pick lists can be easily mapped with warehouses and bin locations for better shipping efficiencies. These lists can also be integrated with bar code systems.

ERP Sales AfricaThere are several challenges which come across while managing Receivables such as accepting pre-payment cheques, multiple shipment invoices, fluctuating exchange rates, tax schemes, loss of captured data at the time of accepting sales order. All these challenges have been efficiently addressed in ebizframe10 Sales. An extensive reporting mechanism ensures timely payments and follow-ups with the customer.

ebizframe10 Sales allows deliveries and scheduling from multiple warehouses. This feature finds its use for recurring shipments where quantities and time periods are not fixed. Information about stock availability and stock ageing is available across all warehouses.

Sales Returns functionality of ebizframe10 allows you to accept customer returns due to variety of reasons like damaged good, returns for repairs, warranty issues, etc. All these instances are linked to taxation wherever required. Returns can be seamlessly mapped with the corresponding shipments and inventory is updated in real time. Single RMA can be created for multiple shipments.

Sales function can be monitored and managed with a large number of MIS Reports which come as a part of ebizframe10 ERP package. A powerful graphical Sales dashboard allows the Management to regularly track the progress of critical parameters like total sales, best performing region, worst performing region, etc. in an intuitive and understandable manner enabling quick and prompt corrective actions.