Operational Excellence

Reduction of Cycle Time

  • Customer support activities in order fulfillment, billing, delivery, customer enquiries
  • Employee support activities in month end closing, Requisition, HR management, Payroll processing
  • Supplier Management activities for Order Processing, Supplier payments, Shipment tracking
  • It is possible to completely remove some cycles that are required today in absence of ERP driven data availability and automation.

Improvement in Productivity

  • Increased work volume with same workforce
  • Reduced errors at work leading to less rework and reduction of wastages through stronger planning

Cost Reduction

  • Personnel cost reduction in Accounts, Customer Service, Procurement, HR, IT services.
  • Inventory cost reduction through more inventory turns, warehousing costs, Material transportation costs.
  • Streamlined processes and optimum staff deployment.

Quality Improvement

  • Measurability improves quality dramatically, enabling consciousness about quality parameters
  • Availability of reliable data at almost all stages of work cycles
  • Complicated issues such as taxes get streamlined, their reporting is quick and error free, Regulatory and Statutory functions do not get missed out, Compliance is automated.

Customer Service

  • Track order fulfilment, Reduce time lag between order and shipment, Track receivables, Credit limits
  • Analyze buyer behavior to upsell. Deliver customized service