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ERP in Mozambique

Mozambique is located in South East Africa. The country is bordered by the Indian Ocean, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and South Africa. Maputo is its capital and largest city. Mozambique has a population of 24 million and spans an area of approximately 800,000 sq. km. The official language of Mozambique is Portuguese, which is spoken as a second language by almost half of its population.

ERP Software in MozambiqueMozambique is gifted with rich and extensive natural resources including large natural gas reserves. Expected revenue from the tapping of these natural resources has the potential to dramatically change the country’s economy. Mozambique’s economy is largely agricultural based with almost 80% of the workforce employed in farming. Industries like Food & Beverages, Chemical Manufacturing, Aluminium & Petroleum Production, etc. are showing an encouraging upward trend. The country’s natural beauty, wildlife, and historic heritage provide tremendous opportunities for beach, cultural, and eco-tourism. It is no surprise that the Tourism Sector has shown significant growth in the recent years. South Africa is Mozambique’s main trading partner and the source of significant Foreign Direct Investment.

Mozambique has a GDP in excess of US$ 16 Billion. It has enjoyed a consistently high economic growth for the past more than a decade averaging between 7-8% per annum.  The Government is aggressively pursuing the path of economic reforms and liberalisation to attract more investment and to encourage industrial growth. As part of this economic reforms process custom duties have been reduced and customs management has been streamlined and reformed. Other initiatives include commercial tax code reform; comprehensive judicial reform; financial sector strengthening; continued civil service reform; and improved government budget, audit and inspection capability.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in Mozambique

A contemporary ERP System in Mozambique embedded with advanced features and internationally recognised business processes and best practises enables an organization to implement these norms and practices and ramp up its operational efficiency significantly. Many enterprises in Mozambique have kept themselves abreast with the latest technology solutions by implementing modern ERP Software Mozambique and reaping the benefits from it. They have realized that an ERP System is an important tool if they want to make their enterprises more productive, more profitable and globally competitive in a rapidly evolving business environment.

Role of ebizframe ERP in Mozambique’s Development

ERP in MozambiqueThe economy in ERP Solution in Mozambique has shown remarkable improvement and growth in the last decade. At such a time, Mozambique’s enterprises cannot afford to lag behind on the global platform. And the only solution to escape this is to use the best in technology and innovation. ebizframe, Africa’s favourite ERP, is one such Technology Solution to keep an enterprise at the forefront globally. ebizframe ERP completely automates and integrates all the functions in an enterprise in a seamless manner. It ensures complete statutory compliance with a country’s specific laws – labour and taxation laws and other statutory rules and regulations. ebizframe also brings in a rigorous process-driven approach in the organization, thus making the enterprise more process oriented, agile and lean. ebizframe ERP Software in Mozambique makes it is easier for an organization to streamline its internal processes and procedures and to migrate to practices and norms considered to be the best worldwide. It also aligns various functions in a business like inventory control, production planning with the demand and thereby reduces the operational costs and improves cash flows of an enterprise. ebizframe helps in better planning and co-ordination of available manpower and material resources.

ebizframe10 the latest version of ebizframe ERP has been developed using the most advanced technology platforms, is completely device agnostic and can be quickly configured and implemented for almost any industry vertical. ebizframe10 is a Next Generation ERP Solution Mozambique that ensures that the user enterprise starts getting Return on Investment (RoI) much faster than other ERP Solutions.

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