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Experience Efficient Materials Management with ebizframe ERP

ebizframe ERP’s Materials Management sets in pre-built components that automate and streamline inventory linked activities in your organization. The key features of Inventory Management define item codes, flexible item descriptions, Multiple Units of Measurement (UOM), UOM conversion options, shelf life, stock levels, inactive/active items, groups and n-level sub-groups, item attributes, kits and buckets, assemble/de-assemble kit items, stock reconciliations, bar-coding mapping to accounts, besides full bin management, vendor management, purchase orders, supplier’s quotations, ERP Inventory Management System etc.

ERP Material Management Software – This solution also equips you with Planner Tools with visibility across the supply chain. The inventory management module in ERP is your perfect store manager with clean execution of supply chain activities within an organization. Good inventory analysis ensures both adequacy of stocks and avoidance of excessive stocks to manage supplies and even working capital by keeping optimal inventory levels.