Managerial Effectiveness


Better Resource Management

  • Improved inventory Management by shifting products where needed. Ability to see and respond quickly to surge and dips in demand
  • Track inventory lying across locations and boundaries, leading to leaner inventory
  • Better production management for coordinating supply and demand and meeting production schedules or procurement schedules at the lowest cost.
  • Better workforce management for improved workforce allocation and better utilization of skills.
  • Better asset management for improved cost, depreciation, relocation, custody, physical inventory and control of maintenance records, both locally and worldwide.

Process Consistency

  • Increased work volume with same workforce
  • Reduced errors at work leading to less rework and reduction of wastages through stronger planning

Improved Decision Making & Planning

  • Improved strategic decisions for greater market responsiveness, fast profit analysis, tighter cost control and effective strategic planning.
  • Improved management decisions for flexible resource management, efficient processes and quick response to operation changes.
  • Improved customer decisions with flexible customer services, rapid response to customer demands and prompt service adjustments.

Companywide Performance Improvement

  • Track Financial performance by lines of business, by product, by customers, by geographies or by different combinations.
  • Improved Manufacturing performance monitoring, prediction and quick adjustments.
  • Overall operational efficiency and effectiveness management.