Achieve better Workforce Management with ebizframe Human Capital Management (HCM)

ebizframe Human Capital Management (HCM) adds value to your company’s human resource and minimizes expenses on managing them. It is a cost-effective, flexible and comprehensive solution to effectively administer your modern and growing workforce. ebizframe HCM provides for time capture, leave management, employee records, benefits, payroll, travel expenses, position management and HR compliance, bonus and arrears, career development, appraisals, employee documents, advances, training, workforce planning, requisitions, compensation, bonuses, organizational and position structures, and compliance to government regulations related to taxes and deductions. It captures and effectively manages the entire information pertaining to an employee from joining to separation.

Another key function of ebizframe Human Capital Management Software is the Employee Self Service Portal (ESS). ESS plays a critical role in eliminating the flow of paperwork and providing better accuracy of employee details and documents. Employees simply update and approve their own information that can be initiated in the ESS. ESS integrates geographically spread-out employees for all businesses and seamlessly implementing HR policies that have a significant impact on business processes, operations and productivity.