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ERP in Ghana

Ghana, located in West Africa, is a sovereign unitary presidential constitutional democracy and is situated along the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean. Covering a land area in excess of 238,000 sq. km. Ghana is bordered by the Ivory Coast in the west, Burkina Faso in the north, Togo in the east and the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean in the south. Its capital is Accra. Ghana, a multicultural nation, has a population of approximately 27 million, spanning a variety of ethnic, linguistic and religious groups.

The economy of Ghana has a diverse and rich resource base, which includes manufacturing and export of digital technology goods, automotive components, rich natural resources and industrial minerals such as hydrocarbons, and ship building. These industries have given Ghana one of the highest GDP per capita in Africa. Ghana became the fastest growing economy in the world in 2011.

ERP System in GhanaThe Ghanaian domestic economy revolves around services, which account for 50% of GDP and employs 28% of the work force. Apart from the industrialization accompanying minerals and oil, industrial development in Ghana is also associated with the plastic industry.

Ghana is one of the world’s largest producers of gold and diamonds and has recently become the largest producer of cocoa in the world. Ghana’s growing economic prosperity and democratic political system have made it a regional power in West Africa.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) In Ghana

An ERP Software integrates all the departments of an organization into a seamlessly operating entity. An ERP System not only brings integration, but also process automation and efficiency in all the functional units which were earlier working as disparate islands of information. An ERP Software, therefore, provides useful insights and real time analysis to enable quick decision making.

Organizations in Ghana are leveraging from the implementation of ERP Systems. All industry domains like automobile, shipping, mining, oil and plastic are effectively using ERP solutions to make themselves more efficient, customer-centric and globally competitive.

Role of ebizframe ERP in Ghana’s Development

ebizframe ERP has been implemented in industries like Electronics & Gadgets, Printing & Publishing, Retail, Consumer Goods, Aviation, Oil Marketing, Manufacturing and Government Departments. In a booming economy like Ghana’s, ebizframe ERP is the perfect solution for making the Ghanaian enterprise ready for rapid expansion and diversification whilst maintaining high levels of customer service.

ebizframe ERP is a modern, comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning Software which includes in-depth functionality related to various departments such as Finance, Sales, Materials Management, Manufacturing, Human Capital Management, etc.

All these functionalities park themselves to a common technology layer which includes mobility, which means the entire ERP functions, can be accessed on a tab or your favourite mobile device anytime, anywhere. ebizframe ERP Mobile App is supported on iOS as well as Android.

ebizframe10, the latest version of ebizframe ERP, has been developed using the most advanced technology platforms like SOA Architecture, has the flexibility to run on-cloud and on-premise with equal ease and can be quickly configured and implemented for almost any industry vertical. RepStore, a unique repository of Reports available for download, is another very advanced feature in ebizframe10. Based on your specific requirements, you can download a suitable Report from the RepStore and have it implemented.

ebizframe10 has the ability to manage multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi-country, multi-company and multi-location operations. Users across different geographies can choose their own language to ensure easier adoption. Consolidation of operations in multiple currencies to a base currency makes the management of international operations of an enterprise much easier.

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