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food beverages erp africaebizframe ERP has been working with the F&B Industry and providing them Enterprise Automation Solutions for many years now. ebizframe has therefore acquired deep knowledge of this industry vertical and this has been absorbed and a unique ERP Solution for the F&B Industry has been developed – ebizframe for F&B. This Enterprise Automation Solution fully comprehends the many challenges that an F&B Manufacturer faces: Profit margins constantly under pressure, strict delivery time lines, varying and seasonal demands of the retail market and consumers, changing food preference of people, keeping abreast with the latest culinary/dietary trends, stress of adhering to stringent food safety regulations & guidelines, etc.

Additionally, F&B Manufacturers have to continuously innovate in order to offer novel and superior products to their consumers. Innovation and change is vital in order to keep your customers happy and devoted to your product.

Keeping in mind all of these challenges F&B Manufacturers require a trusted companion which not only shares their burden but also assists them to keep ahead of the competition with its versatility, features and usability.

ebizframe for F&B is the perfect companion of the F&B Industry that helps an F&B Enterprise to discover new perspectives to derive better value out of their efforts and money spent. It provides F&B companies with requisite tools they need to uncover the essential insights required for modern resource planning and strategic decision-making.

Implement ebizframe for F&B in your enterprise and be assured to meet the challenges and stay ahead of the competition by bring about unparalleled innovation and efficiency in the business processes.

ebizframe for F&B empowers you to eliminate the following challenges from your existing business processes and offers many advantages as well –

  • Improve manufacturing efficiency; avoid spillage and losses, produce in bulk and sell in different pack sizes and monitor material and activity variances to improve overall operational efficiency.
  • With ebizframe for F&B you can easily manage and comply with food and safety regulations. Be confident of following stringent government rules and regulations right through the stages of Procurement, Manufacturing, Storage and Delivery.
  • Be assured of conducting stringent Quality Checks at all stages of Manufacturing with ebizframe for F&B.
  • Manage your ageing stock and re-testing requirements without any hassle.
  • ebizframe for F&B provides regular alerts for On-Schedule Maintenance of critical machinery and equipment.
  • It is extremely important to price your products right given the competition and pressure on margins. ebizframe for F&B helps you manage your prices and profits efficiently.
  • Deliver value for money to your customer with best quality and service. ebizframe for F&B helps you minimize waste, optimize prices and deliver a high quality product to your customer which has undergone stringent quality checks.
  • Improve your time-to-market for new product range.
  • ebizframe for F&B helps you eliminate the pain of planning inventory efficiently. Given the ever-fluctuating demands and the perishable nature of F&B items, planning is a key ingredient for success in the F&B industry.
  • ebizframe for F&B enables usage of the latest technology across the enterprise and throughout the value chain to get an edge in every process of your business. It ensures to safeguard the investment you have made by creating and delivering better products and services to your customers.
  • Brand yourself as a trendsetter and innovator in the F&B industry.
  • Plan better and react faster to changing market conditions.

erp for food and beverage industryWith ebizframe for F&B, manufacturers have gained access to useful insights for improving food manufacturing processes, better resource management, deeper knowledge on how to respond to new government & industry regulations, responding to consumer expectations promptly and discover new approaches for cost-saving, loss reduction and enhanced operational efficiency.

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