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retail erp south africaEastern Software Systems (ESS), the leading Enterprise Automation Solutions provider across Africa deeply understands the intricacies of the Retail Industry and the evolving market trends in this sector. With our extensive experience in working in this vertical, we have learned about the intricacies of Retail business: an amalgamation of flexibility, business process efficiency, consistent information and receptiveness is critical to run a Retail business successfully.

ESS has designed its ERP system, ebizframe for Retail with functionalities that especially cater to the Retail vertical and features that address the complexities faced by a Retail enterprise.

ebizframe for Retail comprises of different modules to handle requirements such as Order Entry, Purchase, Sales, Finance, Inventory Management and Human Resources, etc. Apart from this, ebizframe for Retail also takes care of the various business processes and functions such as Logistics, Warehouse Management, Accounting, Marketing, Strategic Planning, etc.

All the modules of ebizframe for Retail are designed to integrate and work effortlessly with one another and provide a consistent user interface with real time data and insights.

With ebizframe for Retail, the different departments involved in the operations are tightly integrated into a single system that also seamlessly integrates with any existing isolated or legacy system. ebizframe for Retail also captures data from Point of Sale (PoS) Terminals, Bar Code Scanners, Cash Registers, etc. which are very commonly used in retail stores and hypermarkets nowadays.

Contemporary Challenges of the Retail Industry

In the current business scenario, the retail industry faces certain challenges that affect its profitability and its long-term survival prospects.

  • Tough Competition – To stay ahead of the competition, it is important for retailers to have a proactive approach to identify the specific requirements of the consumer before the competition and respond to them quickly and in real-time thereby ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Tight Margins – Margins in the retail business are very low and that eliminates any scope for wastage, pilferage or inefficiencies in the business operations. The Management needs to tightly manage, monitor and control the various functional processes of the enterprise. This would ultimately lead to the desired efficiencies, long-term customer satisfaction and optimum profitability.
  • Regulatory pressures – In order to meet the regulatory and reporting standards, the retailers require an enterprise-wide process visibility, data access and real-time performance monitoring. This is possible with a modern and comprehensive ERP system like ebizframe for Retail.

Advantages of using ebizframe for Retail

  • Retail specific features – Unlike general ERP Software, ebizframe for Retail offers retail-centric features that are developed and incorporated to meet the specific requirements of the Retail Industry in an effective manner.
  • Segment specific customization – Within the retail sector, there are different segments that vary in their scope of operations and the way business is done. ebizframe for Retail has provisions to meet the varying needs of the different subdivisions within the retail sector.
  • Store Managementebizframe for Retail supports Store Management. The critical functions like keeping track of the inventory, ordering and replenishment, loss prevention and task management, which form the pivot of a retail business, are manageable effortlessly in ebizframe for Retail.
  • Configuration and scalability – ebizframe for Retail permits a high degree of configurability and is easily scalable to adapt itself as per the size of the organization and its scope of operations.
  • Advanced high level functionality – ebizframe for Retail is an advanced, Next Generation ERP System with high level functionalities that assist in making informed decisions – such as pricing strategies, merchandise planning, inventory optimization and store management. The advanced functionalities help the top management to formulate business strategies to introduce efficiencies in the critical business operations, set the benchmarks and achieve the anticipated results.
  • Enterprise Management – ebizframe for Retail is a state-of-the-art ERP System that features Workflow Definition and Enterprise Process Management with user-definable tickers. This allows the management to keep a tab on the workflow and Enterprise Process Management, leading to the recognising and removal of any inconsistencies in the business operations.
  • Platform independent and seamless integration – ebizframe for Retail allows technology and application integration to allow a platform independent, seamless transfer of data across different modules running on different technologies in an enterprise-wide environment that may include interaction with legacy systems and external entities such as the suppliers and the customers. Such integration provides a critical and comprehensive enterprise-wide view to the Management.

erp software for retail industryRetail businesses across Africa from Hyper-Retailers to Quick Service Restaurant Chains have benefitted tremendously from the implementation of ebizframe for Retail. This Retail Management System has not only played a critical role in streamlining the processes in retail enterprises but also reduced resource wastages and building customer loyalty. High configurability of ebizframe for Retail ensures rapid implementation and an extremely fast Return on Investment (RoI), something which no other Enterprise Automation Solution can offer.

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