erp in software engineeringEngineering companies operate under difficult working conditions and face a number of concerns on a daily basis such as managing multiple complex projects at various locations, managing increasing operating costs, timely billing, manpower management, etc. A modern and comprehensive ERP System is an essential requirement to overcome these challenges and helps the enterprise to increase its efficiency, deliver quality products and services, meet customer expectations and survive in this competitive market with a healthy bottom line.

A contemporary and versatile ERP System has capabilities to automate and integrate the entire functional spread of an engineering enterprise: from Sales, Procurement, Finance & Accounts, Inventory, Production, Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting, Human Capital Management, Asset Management, etc.

ebizframe for Engineering benefits the engineering companies by automating the business processes and monitoring the functions of all the departments. Real time, user-friendly reports with graphical representation aid the management in taking well informed critical decisions promptly. Using ebizframe for Engineering, enterprises get precise and comprehensive information to manage their engineering projects effectively.

ebizframe for Engineering helps engineering companies improve customer relations, enhance operational flexibility, enable strategic and prompt decision-making, reduce project completion time and decrease overall operating costs.

ebizframe for Engineering maintains a tight control over billing, helps in optimum utilization of man and material resources, maintains adequate inventory, optimize cash flows and eventually ensures that the company is on track to achieving its long and short term business goals.

erp engineering africaThe Material Management Module of ebizframe ERP helps companies to effectively manage material, increase the cost-effectiveness of inventory, reduce obsolescence and helps to streamline the entire Material Management process. The Finance Module of ebizframe helps to accurately track the various cost factors of a project. It also helps to track the profitability of the company and ensures that there is no duplication of effort and the data is always correct and meaningful.

ebizframe for Engineering is designed to meet all the requirements of an Engineering Enterprise and is a highly scalable and flexible ERP system. It is a powerful and comprehensive ERP system that helps to manage the engineering business end-to-end and is extremely user friendly.

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