e-Governance Solutions by ebizframe

All government bodies – federal or county, government agencies, schools, hospitals, NGOs, etc. are burdened with increasing demands to provide more, faster and better quality services to its citizens. Government bodies are expected to serve with greater efficiency and accountability. Worldwide, Government organizations’ major concern is that they face constant challenges like – cost pressures, limited public funding, revenue shortfalls, timeline stress, etc. The service delivery expectations from government organizations are constantly increasing and a more educated and aware society is not ready to tolerate their lethargy and inefficiency as was prevalent in the past. Not only this, they are also subjected to strict audits and scrutiny of the public and other statutory compliance agencies.

We recognize these challenges of budget restrictions, huge data control, safeguarding sensitive data and information, bulk handling of goods and services, providing easy access to information and services for both the citizens and the employees, upholding strict accountability and complying with the changing rules and regulations of the land. All these issues make it extremely challenging to manage any Government Department.

To overcome these challenges and stay efficient, government agencies need business systems that are simple & straightforward, easy-to-use, increase efficiency by streamlining operations and cut costs.

We fully understand the challenges of government department & agencies and thus offer ebizframe e-Governance Solutions to streamline processes and provide better functional control, worthwhile insights to help them improve their credibility, improve efficiency, faster turnaround time and increased profitability.

ebizframe e-Governance Solutions help address issues like –

  • Handling scattered data and information across multiple databases and locations.
  • Redundant data entry.
  • Operating in expanded horizons, outgrowing the legacy system and limited reporting capabilities.
  • Open and transparent government processes that give convenient access to employees and citizens about information such as tax, revenue figures, government expenditures, service status, etc.
  • Fulfil government compliance and regulatory requirements and keep the data secure.
  • Stringent access control so that a user has access only to information that he is authorized to view and transact upon.

    In government agencies, outdated technology is a common scenario; also budgets for IT upgrade are virtually non-existent.  Legacy systems fail to meet the demands of today’s complex bureaucracies and much aware citizens. In many cases maintaining legacy software and hardware becomes very expensive too.

    Forward-thinking and citizen-centric governments are increasingly pursuing to meet these challenges by using new generation, advanced and comprehensive ERP Solutions that can deliver a wide ranging functionality including public-sector financials, budgeting, procurement, human capital management and service delivery within a single integrated application.

    ebizframe e-Governance Solutions are tailored specifically to meet the requirements of various government agencies and departments. They help government organizations to respond effectively to integral needs and legislative mandates while optimizing the use of taxpayer funds and increasing fiscal accountability, transparency, and performance of the government agency. ebizframe e-Governance Solutions have been implemented successfully in various African countries to manage International Airports, Municipal Water Supplies, County Management, Toll Management, etc.

    To know more about ebizframe e-Governance Solutions, please write to us at: marketing@ebizframe.com.