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Discrete Manufacturing


Discrete manufacturing enterprises are always worried about effectively managing their supply chains, suppliers, transportation costs, tough global competition, fluctuating demand, ever-changing business environment, etc. The objective is to drive productivity while maintaining excellent customer service and profitability. ebizframe for Discrete Manufacturing ERP is a cutting-edge Enterprise Automation Solution that aids manufacturers to see the big picture – from the back office to the shop floor – enabling them to take strategic decisions that keep their operations efficient and profitable.

erp manufacturing south africaebizframe for Manufacturing satisfies all discrete manufacturing requirements, fully automates your business processes, reduces losses and efficiently manages your operations. Get empowered to run an efficient manufacturing operation flow covering material purchase, production, work in progress, cost calculation, inventory management, material consumption and order fulfilment, etc. Automate your manufacturing processes in a simple and practical way using ebizframe for Manufacturing.

ebizframe for Manufacturing is a versatile ERP System developed using the latest technologies that enables a manufacturing enterprise to not only meet the challenges of a constantly evolving and dynamic industry but also to stay ahead of the competition. It will enable your business to gain significant competitive advantages and minimize costs & risks associated with high inventory levels and augment all the components of your supply chain.

ebizframe for Manufacturing is designed exclusively for the Manufacturing Industry and is highly configurable so that it can be quickly configured for your unique requirements and align more closely with the business processes that give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Here is how, you can benefit from a comprehensive, cutting-edge ERP Solution for Manufacturing –

  • Seamless Integration between Finance and Operations including precise costing and real-time reporting.
  • Complete visibility and control of orders, materials, capacity planning & utilization and Quality Control (QC) with a complete integration between Planning and Fulfilment.
  • Enabling accurate and on-time Procurement and Inventory Management ensures a much healthier bottom line.
  • Real-time collaboration and communication with your suppliers, partners and vendors to amalgamate planning, scheduling, production and delivery into a seamless, dependable and streamlined process.
  • The Management can completely eliminate reactive decision-making; instead use real-time data to take well analysed and learned decision, much faster.
  • Proactively manage the metrics and variables that matter to your organization’s operations and profitability.
  • Expand your customer base by generating quick and accurate quotes, configuring products at the point of sale as per the need, assigning distinct pricing and promising precise delivery dates backed up by accurate inventory information.

Most importantly, ebizframe ERP for Manufacturers Africa fits the unique way you do business as a discrete manufacturer and within your specific business vertical.

ebizframe for Manufacturing helps you distinguish your company from the crowd by reducing lead times to acquire new business at higher margins, while improving customer satisfaction. ebizframe for Manufacturing is specially designed for addressing the critical needs of discrete manufacturing enterprises.

erp manufacturing industryThe comprehensive features and a high level of configurability of ebizframe for Manufacturing reduces the amount of time and expense in implementation drastically and ensures a much faster Return on Investment (RoI). With all the best practices/processes of discrete manufacturing incorporated in ebizframe for Manufacturing, users can rest assured that Enterprise Automation with this system will weed out unnecessary business processes from their operations and transform it into a well-oiled and lean manufacturing operation.

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