Grow Your Chemicals Business with ebizframe ERP

Chemical companies have to work within a very strict business environment and ecological laws while investing immensely in environmental engineering, waste disposal management, fire hazards and industrial safety standards. Moreover there is stiff global competition for large manufacturers. Companies need to get the best out of their processes with the least investment to maintain profitability and market share.

To achieve these objectives, many chemical companies implement Chemical ERP Software which integrates and automates their processes thus reducing the cost and increasing the efficiency manifold. The problems faced by chemical companies are similar to any other process manufacturers but in addition to that chemical manufacturers have some unique requirements like:

  • Regulatory Compliance (MSDS, etc.)
  • Co-Products, By-Products & Recycling
  • Special Characters Support
  • Active Formula Adjustment
  • Reformulation
  • Research and Development
  • Lot History
  • Shelf Life
  • Multiple Units of Measurement