Manufacturing Giant in West Africa enhances its operations with ebizframe ERP

Written by adminerp|Aug 04,2016

Client’s Background:

The client is West Africa’s leading supplier of plastic pipe systems. It provides integrated solutions for water supply, sewer, drainage, soil, waste and telecom infrastructure development. Its widespread reputation of offering high quality products and services is built on over forty years of experience. Over the years, the client has received numerous awards at the National and International level in recognition of the quality of its products and services.

The client was founded in 1970 and today has become a leading producer of plastic pipe systems in West Africa. It is a fully Ghanaian owned company with an active export business to 20+ African countries. With its Head Office in Accra, Ghana the client has a state of the art production facility and is able to provide integrated solutions for:

  1. Water Sector: Pipes and Fittings from UPVC and HDPE ranging from 20mm – 1000mm.
  2. Mining Sector: Pipes and fittings.
  3. Oil & Gas Sector: Distribution pipes and fittings for natural gas distribution networks.
  4. Agricultural Sector: Pipes and Solutions for water distribution systems for irrigation & drainage.
  5. Telecom Sector: Special designed and fabricated silicone coated PE pipes.
  6. Power Sector: Cable protection pipes.
  7. Construction & Civil Engineering Sector: PPR Hot and Cold water distribution, soil & waste, drainage solutions and cable protection solutions.
  8. Airport Sector: Large Field Underground Drainage Solutions.
  9. Interior Building sector, Wall & Ceiling panels and
  10. Reinforced UPVC Doors and Windows and more…

Business Needs

The earlier systems environment the client had was partly centralized and partly decentralized. This created a delay in consolidating and reporting information thereby reducing the company’s ability to react quickly to changing conditions. Poor communication amongst different departments often led to negative outcomes such as lost orders, customer not receiving call-back and falling sales. The client wanted a system to address its issues of data duplication and redundant processes. They also wanted a single source of data to close the knowledge gaps between multiple departments and the Top Management which would result in quick and more knowledgeable decisions.

The Solution

To achieve these objectives the client evaluated all the ERP Software available in the Ghana market and chose ebizframe because it enabled them to simplify their global integration and remove barriers of currency exchange rates automatically. ebizframe ERP System was configured and re-engineered for the client with numerous usage controls that could be switched off or on. To meet the requirements of the client the data was integrated across international borders. ebizframe ERP enabled the Top Management to actually manage the operations and not just monitor them. Some of the other functionalities that ebizframe offered to the client for a better and more integrated order fulfilment process are:

  • Real Time Data.
  • Efficient Information exchange between cross-functional teams from Operations, Finance, IT, etc.
  • Streamlined and accelerated processes to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Lower cost of ownership.


Appreciating the client’s pain areas and his expectations from the new ERP System, ESS designed an integrated platform to streamline their processes which consolidated their database to achieve cost visibility, Financial Analysis Reporting and enhanced centralized reporting. With the single system, the company was able to reduce its Financial Reporting cycle from weeks to days and the system also provided better management of the workforce through a Web-based portal.

As a result of the integrated process capabilities the client has been able to greatly improve its Inventory Management processes. The Production Module was specifically customized to include the discrete divisions of the client such as:

  • Windows
  • Pipes
  • Profiles

The data compiled by ebizframe ERP is designed to match the client’s personalized and precise requirements that help in the internal and external distribution of reporting data of Mixes (A key raw material for pipe production).


Utilizing the excellent reporting capabilities of ebizframe ERP a user can have better data visibility. In reporting modules the data can be presented in either a simple or more complex version. ESS added such features and modules that would support flexible & extensive quotation functionalities of the client. In ebizframe the database was designed to automatically update with each transaction throughout the system thereby ensuring optimal accuracy.

Web-enabled ebizframe allowed the Top Management to determine pre-calculated summaries, benchmarks, target projections and much more.

Real Time

With ebizframe ERP the client having a rapidly changing production environment, was able to enjoy up-to-the-minute reporting. E.g. the client typically consumes predefined raw materials for their products. Before ebizframe, they were not operating on a real-time basis. Eventually, they would run into manufacturing issues such as a bad batch of raw materials. The Inventory Control application of ebizframe ERP provided the client the ability to visualize and inventory counts necessary for enhanced Production Planning.


ebizframe ERP is exactly what companies need to succeed and prosper in an ever-changing business environment, thus setting itself apart from its competitors. ESS delivered the project on time and within the budget because the implementation team strictly followed a comprehensive implementation methodology.

“We have been working for almost 9 years on ebizframe and so far we are extremely satisfied. We congratulate and hope you will keep up the good work and help us to get where we want to” said Hayssam Fakhry, MD, Interplast Limited, Ghana.