Leading FMCG embraces ebizframe ERP for Enterprise Automation

Written by adminerp|Jun 01,2016

Client Background:

The client has a prominent presence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Mozambique and South Africa is a prominent business group in the Southern African region. They have business interests in FMCG Distribution, Wholesale and Retail, Premium Bakery Products, Logistics Solutions, Hospitality, IT Solutions and much more. They are the nationwide distributor for FMCG products – frozen foods, both international brands and client’s own products.

Pre-ERP Scenario:

Prior to ERP implementation, they were running their operations with local software. But it was not as per their expectation and requirement, especially with their business scaling new heights.

A lot of time was spent for Payroll Processing in the existing system, human intervention was required most of the time and there was a lot of duplication of effort and manual errors. Thus a simple task like salary processing was taking too much time in the absence of an effective ERP system.

With client’s business growing manifold in the past few years, they had opened a lot of shops in remote areas. But connecting all these shops through one common system was a big challenge for them. A single integrated online system was lacking which would connect these shops and provide business information to the Management sitting in Head Office in real-time.

Solution Choice:

After carefully evaluating multiple ERP Solutions available in DRC, the client has finally opted for Africa’s favorite ERP, ebizframe. ebizframe ERP was the perfect solution fully meeting their requirements of integrating all their locations in a single system, reducing the pain in Payroll Processing and bringing about a drastic reduction in duplication of effort and manual errors.

Another major factor which worked in ebizframe’s favor was the strong presence and support provided by ebizframe ERP’s creator, Eastern Software Systems (ESS). ESS is an established and trusted name in DRC and provides round-the-clock technical support to its clients with problem resolution having a much shorter turnaround time.

Post Implementation Scenario:

Post ebizframe ERP implementation it has become very easy to view and update data from any location in real-time. Sales and Cash Reports are also available instantly. Inventory Management which was an extremely tedious task earlier has also become much easier after the implementation of ebizframe. With ebizframe ERP in place, they can now check the inventory and get the report the same day. It has helped them tremendously and they can now manage their inventory very effectively with ebizframe.

ebizframe ERP has also helped them benchmark their operations with internationally accepted standards and processes. They have not only managed to expand and diversify their business but have managed to maintain an exceptionally high level of quality and competitive pricing throughout their product and service range.

This implementation of ebizframe ERP has ensured that the Management has a better control on their entire business operations across all locations. This is in line with their mission to adopt world-class solutions and practices, to create value for their end users and make a mark with an outstanding service and product quality.

ESS is proud to be client’s partner in success.

To watch client’s impressions about ebizframe ERP and ESS, please watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PieRHVpSKMQ For more details about ebizframe ERP, please write to us at: marketing@ebizframe.com