ERP in Algeria


ERP in Algeria

Algeria is a sovereign state in Northern Africa on the Mediterranean coast. Its capital and most populous city is Algiers. With an area in excess of 2.3 Million sq. km. Algeria is the largest country in Africa and the Arab World. The country’s name derives from the city of Algiers which in turn derives from the Arabic al-Jazā’ir. Its population exceeds 4 million and Arabic is the official language.

Algeria shares its land borders with Tunisia, ,, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Mali and Niger. It is bounded by the Mediterranean Sea on the North.

ERP Software in Algeria Algeria is a regional and middle power. It supplies large amounts of natural gas to Europe and energy exports are the backbone of the economy. According to the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Algeria has the 17th largest oil reserves in the world and the 2nd largest in Africa, while it has the 9th largest reserves of natural gas.

Hydrocarbons have long been the backbone of the economy, accounting for roughly 60% of budget revenues, 30% of GDP, and over 95% of export earnings. Algeria is classified as an upper middle income country.

The Agricultural & Services Sectors have recorded an impressive growth of 10% & 5.3% respectively. About 14% of the labour force is employed in the Agricultural Sector. A variety of bird species makes the country an attractive destination for bird watchers. The varied vegetation of Algeria includes coastal, mountainous and grassy desert-like regions which all support a wide range of wildlife.

Algeria has one of the best road infrastructure in Africa with an estimated road length of over 180,000 km.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) In Algeria

An ERP System seamlessly integrates and automates all operations in an organization. A comprehensive ERP Software prevents any unnecessary leakage of data by capturing real time data from all the departments that is securely backed up and available for retrieval in the future by the management.

Enterprises across the globe, small or big, have been witness to the significant benefits that a modern and comprehensive ERP Suite brings in. This powerful IT Solution has also helped many organizations in Algeria to achieve a healthier bottom line. Organizations have saved more money by increasing their productivity, eliminating re-work, minimizing duplication of data and enabling easy reporting.

Role of ebizframe ERP in Algeria’s Development

africa-7ebizframe ERP, Africa’s favourite ERP, brings tremendous benefits for enterprises. A modern ERP System like ebizframe allows information access to only authorized personnel in an enterprise. ebizframe ERP Software comes with superior security and privacy features which help in safeguarding and preserving overall information of an organization in a very structured manner. ebizframe is a modular ERP which can be rapidly configured and implemented across enterprises of all sizes and of almost any industry vertical for quick Return on Investments (ROI).

ebizframe ERP also brings in operational efficiencies and best practises to an organization. Easy reporting through a host of MIS Reports available in ebizframe makes informed decision-making much faster for the management.

ebizframe10 the latest version of ebizframe ERP has been developed using the most advanced technology platforms, is completely device agnostic and can be quickly configured and implemented for almost any industry vertical. ebizframe10 can be accessed anytime, anywhere on any device by executives of an organization who are constantly on the move. ebizframe10 ERP is highly parameterized and completely dashboard driven thereby giving all the critical information to the user on a single screen on a proactive basis.

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